Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to introduce myself...

HELLO WORLD!! :) This is my very FIRST blog here on blogger, & I was thinking about how I should start it. So I figured that I’d write a little bit about myself. :)

My name is Emily Wu, a Taiwanese American 28 year old (soon to be 29) who truly ENJOYS learning about the world!! :) Life has taken me through many circumstances which have led me to become an optimistic and passionate individual. Through the many years trying to figure out what my life purpose was, I always knew my goal in life was to somehow help people for the sake and betterment of society. I wanted to be an inspirational leader and role model in my community, but I often did not know what type of role that would specifically be. However, through time and patience, I am VERY happy to say that I've finally found my passion and calling in life. :D I will be aspiring towards becoming a motivational speaker & then the next Asian American Oprah Winfrey. Though this dream may seem far-fetched, I have the confidence that it will happen sooner or later because I KNOW I have the potential to fill these shoes & I am DETERMINED to see this through!! :D Life is GOOD!! :)


  1. I support you every step of the way! You should start a talk show simply called "WU" and pitch the idea to television networks! :)

  2. I would watch your show. =)

  3. If its in English I will watch it too. If not I will still watch it if it came with subtitles...