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October 31, 2015 ~ World Journal (Chinese Daily News)「心病」不就醫 華裔需改變

June 9, 2015 ~ World Journal (Chinese Daily News) 同儕:她安靜、勤奮又好學

April 22, 2015 ~ Pasadena Star-News covered the last 
Civilian Oversight Commission Town hall meeting held in Arcadia

April 2015 ~ Pacific Times features Emily Wu Truong for my 
2015 Woman of Achievement Award from Senator Ed Hernandez

January 2, 2015 ~ features Emily Wu Truong
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December 31, 2014 ~ Emily Wu Truong is nominated for the WEGO Health Activist Awards
Endorse her here:

December 19, 2014 ~ KCCD Empowers Speakers:
KCCD implements Coming Out Proud program in their community
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October 31, 2014 ~ Emily Wu Truong featured as
Angry Reader of the Week on Angry Asian Man's blog
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October 14, 2014 ~ Email from LA County NAMI Walks Manager Shelley Hoffman 
recognized me as the NAMI Walk "Mascot" for the day! =)
It was a pleasure to go lime green for Mental Health because Each Mind Matters!

October 10, 2014 ~ LACDMH's Brief Report re: the 
For the recording of the Proclamation, you can find that here starting at 11:45! 

LA City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell & me

October 9, 2014 ~ LACDMH E-News 
LA County Board of Supervisors Recognizes 11th Annual NAMI Walks
"Presentation of scroll in honor of the 11th Annual National Alliance on Mental Illness’ 
NAMI Walks arranged by Supervisor Michael Antonovich."  
Documented agenda here:

October 6, 2014 ~  NAMI's Mental Health Matters Radio Show
Interview by Larry Cartwright, President of NAMI Hunterdon in New Jersey
Listen here:

August 14, 2014 ~ LACDMH ( featuring Multicultural PSAs
with Margaret Cho & Emily Wu Truong

July 10, 2014 ~ San Marino City Council decides to let contract with City Farm expire
By Zen Vuong, Pasadena Star News
On July 9th, I stood before the San Marino City Council in favor of their farmers market. The Pasadena Star News said about me,"Emily Wu Truong's voice vibrated with emotion as she spoke in favor of keeping the farmers market."  
I stated out loud... "I would hate to have San Marino's reputation to be known as the city who are against outsiders coming into our city. To me, there are no such thing as outsiders to me. Everyone is a part of my community, & no one is excluded. Everyone is my human brother & sister. The world is my country. So I think it's important for the City of San Marino to figure out what type of community it wants to be seen as. Thank you."

July 3, 2014 ~ KCCD Hosts 2nd and 3rd Collaborative Meetings
July 2, 2014 ~ LACDMH and State Create Multicultural Public Service Announcements
By Kathleen Piche, LACDMH Public Affairs Director

July 1, 2014 ~ Emily's Story among the Each Mind Matter's Great Minds Gallery

May 30, 2014 ~ I'm Good: A Blog Campaign for Mental Health Recovery
featuring my article "My Journey in Finding my Self Worth & Meaning In Life"

May 13, 2014 ~ Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! It’s Time to Normalize the Elephant!
By Emily Wu Truong, Guest Writer for

May 2014 City of Rosemead Green Sheet Newsletter
Rosemead City Council issued a proclamation to NAMI San Gabriel Valley
recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

April 3, 2014 ~ Asian Coalition Educational Event
By Kathleen Piche, LACDMH Public Affairs Director

March 17, 2014 ~  NAMI's Mental Health Matters Radio Show
Interview by Larry Cartwright & David Disney
Listen here:
November 19, 2013 ~ 父母要求全A 華生人格分裂:記者駱舒嫻/羅斯密報導
World Journal/Chinese Daily News Reporter interviews me re: Mental Health
By Joy Shuxian Luo
 This article has reached over 47,300 hits on their website! Wow!
Disclaimer: I did not approve of the title of this article before it was published.
Article Rewritten & Translated into English by Victor Chang
A Victim of Perfectionist Parents Speaks Out
Disclaimer: Neither did I approve of the title before Victor Chang published this article.

November 18, 2013 ~ Asians Overcome Model Minority Myth, Stigmas to Access Mental Healthcare By Ernesto Arce, KPFK 90.7FM
Listen here: 

 Sept 30, 2013 ~ NAMI's Mental Health Matters Radio Show
Interview by Larry Cartwright, President of NAMI Hunterdon, New Jersey
Listen here:

August 20, 2013 ~ Taiwanese American Professionals Celebrate at Annual Banquet

July 29, 2013 ~ Report delivered at Rosemead clinic cites disparities in
mental health care available in Asian community 
By Lauren Gold, Los Angeles Daily News
Short recording of me speaking by Lauren Gold:

August 11, 2013 ~ Heart For ( Interview 
with Radio Talk Show Host Doreen Wong

Taiwanese American Community Media News & Clips from 2009 to 2013

On September 2nd, 2011, Formosa Foundation held a Community Forum featuring Congressman Howard Berman. Congressman Berman stressed his support for Taiwan's democracy and emphasized his respect for the people of Taiwan and their choice in the upcoming presidential election.

5.16.10 ~ Taiwan Center's 三太子 Dance Crew at the Taiwanese American Heritage Festival

In this 1st video, skip to 5:34 for the FUN DANCE!! xD
Another video of the same dance here:

In this 2nd video, we come off the stage to greet the audience.

5.10.10 ~ Taiwan Center's 三太子 Dance Crew Preparing & Performing at the Monterey Park Days Parade

Skip to 6:20 for the our dance! :) 

 5.2.10 ~ Article regarding the 2010 Taiwan Cup Karaoke Contest that I participated in
You can find my recording of me singing here. It's not perfect, but I figured I'd try it out. =P 

My article was just published on 4.28.10 in the Pacific Times Newspaper (!! It is based on my experience in Washington D.C. during a week-long program by Formosa Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) called "U.S. Workshop for Emerging Taiwanese Leaders."

With Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan & Controller John Chiang, I was on the Taiwan Daily newspaper on 12.6.09! 

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  1. This is great work you are doing, Emily! The website's beautiful and easy to navigate; to have your interviews accessible to the public is a valuable educational service. Keep up the good work!
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